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Electric Forklift Rental

If you are in the market for an electric forklift rental, we can help. Forklift Rental USA is the number one resource for finding not only the information you need to rent an electric forklift but also electric forklift rental companies that can give you exact pricing and details about a particular lift.

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Electric Forkift Rental FAQ

What if I need my electric forklift longer

In almost every case, you will be able to keep your electric forklift rental passed the initial terms of the rental agreement provided you notify the dealership of your intention to do so.

What Does It Cost?

This is completely dependent on the duration of your electric forklift rental as well as the capacity required. The pricing may vary in range from $115/Day to $$850/Month for a smaller capacity up to $675/Day or $6,000/Month for the larger capacity lifts.

What About Maintenance?

One of the advantages of renting an electric forklift vs. owning one is that the maintenance costs from normal wear and tear are covered by the rental agreement*. Most dealerships will have a 24 hour emergency service department so that the down time to your company is minimal should a need for maintenance arise.

It is always good to double check that your particular dealer offers free service and maintenance.