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Rough Terrain Forklift Rental

Rough terrain forklifts for rent are an ideal solution for a lot of outdoor lifting needs. In contrast to electric forklift rentals which are typically used for warehouses, their tires and engines are made to withstand the harsh elements, ground conditions, and additional wear from working outdoors.

Rough terrain forklift rentals come with large, all terrain tires in the front and smaller all terrain tires in the back for maneuverability. There are a few key questions one should keep in mind when renting a rough terrain forklift:

  • What kind of fuel economy does it have?
  • What types of surfaces is it rated to be on?
  • What is the lift speed?
  • What is the lift capacity?
  • What kind of maintenance does the dealer offer?

Make sure to ask these questions before entering into a rough terrain forklift rental agreement.