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Telehandler Rental

Telehandler rentals (also known as telescopic handler rentals) fill in the gaps where forklifts fall short. While they have a similar appearance to a forklift the operation and uses for them is more crane-like than anything. Renting a telehandler can offer amazing versatility to a jobsite. Some of the attachments that make it such a robust machine are:

  • Buckets and Bucket Grabs
  • Pallet Forks (for lifting pallets)
  • Winches

Telehander rentals can be difficult to operate. Care has to be taken when operating with the boom extended as the further away from the telehandler it gets the less stable it becomes due the center og gravity shift. Before renting a telehandler ensure you have an experienced operator and are clear on the best way to accomplish the project you have in mind.